The Hotel-Factory

At The Hotel-Factory -

We to provide solutions in the fields of development and management for the hospitality industry. We will act on behalf of owners, lenders and developers to protect cash flows, maximize hotel investments and succeed in hotel operations.

At The Hotel-Factory -  

We are seeking candidates, who can demonstrate senior management and leadership experience, who will be able to make a significant impact within our Team and our clients. You need to continue to build on the positive culture of the Factory to ensure, we will continue to deliver excellence. Sharing our vision of being the excellent choice for hoteliers and owners.

So even you like to do one job a year, you are welcome at the Factory!

At The Hotel-Factory

Our team members are individual specialists, who will analyze the problem. Depending on the complexity, we will select the right specialist for the job and introduce him/her to the client. Our way of working is not limited to hotel brands and/or locations; we just create a unique approach and strategy for each individual property and/or owner.

The world has changed..

The global hospitality industry is changing, and fast. New markets, guests, technology and competitorsare forcing hoteliers and owners to take a fresh look at how they create hospitality and desire. So what will it take to be a leading hospitality brand or hotel in the future? Or how to guarantee the ROI, out of your asset?

Why not hire the professional, (only) when the client needs one? We – at The Hotel Factory - do understand how vital hotel operations management is at the bottom line. Professional hospitality management means peace of mind for hoteliers & owners; allowing them time to concentrate on the big picture, while we handle the specific problem / field.

Hospitality brands and individual hotels are built to last and assets are built to generate cash-flow. Our team will optimize for today and plan for tomorrow.

Talk with us, express your needs - we are your partner in hotel solutions.